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International Baking & Pastry

Take a spark of creativity, add a dash of baking theory, combine at a respected cooking school, and you have a recipe for a successful career in international baking and pastry. If you have a yen to create pate choux, marzipan, mousses and creams, you might consider enrolling in a comprehensive desert baking program to set you on your way.

Culinary academies and pastry schools offer crust-to-icing curriculum that emphasizes merging the latest cooking technology with old world recipes and know-how. The end result is that you master techniques to produce the broad array of scones and croissants, cheesecakes and puff pastry, meringues, cookies, and ?clairs served in hotels, fine restaurants and cruise ships everywhere.

If you hope to study the history of dessert baking, dessert wine accompaniment, presentation, knife skills, and advanced piping techniques, there?s a highly regarded school near you.

Bake It ?til You Make It
Whether you?re looking for a 12- or 18-month diploma, or the 18- to 24-month Associate of Science degree in International Baking and Pastry, there?s a school that fits your career goals and time availability. Best of all, you learn in a kitchen setting with hands-on instruction, preparing you for the work you hope to do in the hospitality world. You?ll learn knife skills, storeroom management, sanitation routines, bakeshop operations, customer and table-service techniques, and menu preparation.

Many schools teach computer-based customer and supply management skills as well in their baking programs. It pays to make sure your school offers placement assistance and opportunities for internships in working cafes and restaurants.

Publish date: February 10, 2011