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International Business

The globalization of marketing is here to stay. You are as likely to see a McDonalds and Starbucks in Liverpool as in New York. This global marketplace has assisted in making the International Business degree more and more popular, as well as lucrative. This type of career might attract a high school graduate with an interest/talent in business and languages, or an existing professional looking to expand their horizons with a part-time masters degree.

What does the degree involve?
Degrees in international business prepare individuals to manage international businesses and/or business operations. Typical international business degrees include instruction in the principles and processes of export sales, trade controls, foreign operations and related problems. You will cover monetary issues, international business policy, and learn about doing business in specific countries and markets. Alongside the study of global economics, students would conduct and in-depth study of regions around the world.

Modern business theory will not be neglected. In addition to foundational marketing concepts and tools, students gain the communication, analytical and leadership skills and knowledge that are needed to succeed in management. A degree of autonomy would allow the student to evaluate and improve their own management style by reflecting on time management, conflict resolution, and teamwork and communication skills. They can use this knowledge to develop their own business plan for a global business, giving them an opportunity to assume the role of global entrepreneur.

Not everyone is suited for this career, but if you have the commitment and drive for a role in international business, a degree could be the first step into a different, exciting world.

Publish date: February 10, 2011