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International Studies

International studies looks at issues that affect the whole of the global economic and political sphere. Subjects studied under this banner include international policies, global environmental policies, international trade and it's effects on national economies, international management and the teaching of foreign languages.

Strategic Information
If you are interested in working in an international sphere, you need to consider studying one of these subjects. International studies give you the vital background knowledge that allows you to interpret international news, conferences and other information in the light of different national and cultural biases. International studies also allow you to form a strategic vision of the way that different nations and different cultures can work together overcoming different viewpoints, and creating effective international cooperation.

Many of the courses of international studies are at graduate level, as they deal with policy and strategic viewpoints. You can study master's degrees in subject such as global management, public administration for international bodies and defence studies. There are a number of courses, not necessarily at graduate level, concerned with teaching languages, in particular teaching English as a foreign language and other major global languages such as French, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

Working in an international framework demands a different world view than that which you develop within your own national studies. International studies gives you the basic tools to help you develop this framework and to make your contribution in an international area.

Publish date: February 10, 2011