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Iridology Studies

Iridology studies concern the eye - or more particularly the iris of the eye - used in order to help to assess the medical health of a patient. Iridology is used as one of the therapies that make up alternative medicine, and is used as an aid to the diagnosis of a number of conditions. It is based on the idea that some structures in the body are a reflection of the health of the body, and so can contribute information to help to create a holistic picture of a person.

An Array of Alternative Therapies
If you are considering pursuing iridology studies, you will need to have some medical background in order to be able to use iridology effectively. Many people study iridology at graduate level, having obtained a degree in a medical or related subject. Some doctors using alternative medicine in conjunction with more traditional therapies will pursue iridology studies in order to be able to add this technique to their array of diagnostic tools, and to aid the further understanding of the human body.

There is an increasing movement to use alternative medicine in the US, and it is sometimes offered in conjunction with main stream medicine, as is common in Europe. In this climate of changing opinions, pursuing iridology studies will allow you to increase your skills and the help and care that you can offer to clients who wish to pursue holistic approaches to their health.

Publish date: February 10, 2011