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Information technology has transformed many of our business and organisational processes. We take the collection, processing and delivery of information for granted today, but in fact this is a complex process, involving knowledge of technology and resources planning. IT management has to be a part of every business, but for some larger organisations, it has become a major part of information systems strategy.

Technology Plus Management
If you are involved with information technology and want to progress to the top, then you will need to get involved with IT management. Most people in IT management have a combination of technical knowledge and management training that allows them to manage the IT resources well, and to formulate an effective IT strategy for the company. Dealing with the budgeting, human resourcing and planning for an IT function in a large organisation means that not only are you planning for your own uses, you are managing the tools that most people use in order to be able to accomplish their own function. This is a major task in most organisations, and you need to be well prepared to be able to do this well.

It is usual for companies to expect you to have a degree or similar qualification to enter a career in IT management. Many people study for an MBA with an emphasis on information systems or information technology, and are able to combine their two areas of knowledge effectively. Career prospects are good, as the use of information technology is set to proliferate as developments in the industry create new and more effective applications for both computing and for communications.

Publish date: February 10, 2011