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Police officers need to be brave, trustworthy, and dedicated to serving the community. They also need to be very physically fit and demonstrate high levels of integrity and honesty. All that has been true for as long as there have been police services. The demands of the modern world have added the need for education and training to the personal qualities required by an officer in law enforcement. The legal system continues to grow in complexity, as does the technology which assists investigations and evidence gathering. The modern police officer needs to be master of a far wider range of skills and knowledge than ever before. This fact is demonstrated by the emphasis on formal education placed by police departments when assessing new recruits.

Whether you hope to enter police work at a local, state, or national level, an associate or bachelor degree in law enforcement will provide the right education to help you succeed. Your program should offer courses in criminal law, investigation, justice, and procedure. You will also study the working and administration of a police department, the gathering of evidence, and interview techniques. State and federal police departments normally insist on a college degree. Although you may be able to find work at local level with a high school diploma (or equivalent) a degree will increase your prospects of getting the job you want. It will also help you to develop your future career and maximize your promotion and earnings potential.

Publish date: February 10, 2011