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Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie & Baking

For years now, beginning or advancing culinary artists who take their work seriously have received their education in the Le Cordon Bleu P?tisserie & Baking Program. Participating culinary schools are located on the East and West coasts, the Deep South, Midwest, the Northern States, the Pacific Northwest, and the American Southwest. These schools, academies, and institutes offer comprehensive, hands-on instruction in old-world cuisine using industry-current technology with a modern flair.

Creation, Innovation, and Inspiration
Rest assured that in this thorough, challenging program you?ll be encouraged to develop and express your own creative style to take into the workplace. Graduates often find positions with cafes, fine restaurants, resorts, hotels, and cruise lines. In many cases, students can choose whether to earn a Certificate or an Associate of Occupational Studies degree. They may take a certificate first and, after attaining a successful level of expertise or workplace experience, return to pursue the more extensive program.

Upon graduation, each school provides career placement assistance throughout your working life. Some students find themselves out in the workplace, progressing toward a career as a pastry chef or baker, in as little as 15 months. Classroom topics include the history and diversity of world baking, the essentials of preparation, presentation, decoration, dough methods, fillings, yeast and non-yeast pastry items, syrups, creams and other necessities for making cakes, pies, and more. Your program may also include seminars in sanitation, the principles of nutrition, kitchen management and directed internships with successful restaurants.

Publish date: February 10, 2011