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Legal Administrative Assistant

Legal services are required in almost every area of business, as well as being big business in their own right. Wherever legal services are provided, a legal administrative assistant is required to provided administrative support and ensure that the work of the legal office runs smoothly. As a qualified legal administrative assistant you can expect to find work with a range of employers such as in law offices, corporate legal departments, government agencies, financial institutions, or insurance companies.

As a legal administrative assistant, you’ll be performing a highly specialized administrative role for which knowledge of technical terminology and procedures is required. A legal administrative assistant degree program will provide you with the basic administrative and clerical skills plus the technical knowledge you’ll need to find employment in this field. In the office, it will be your responsibility to maintain paper and electronic files and manage the flow of information within the office and externally.

In addition to the IT and office management skills required to fulfill these duties, you will also gain the specific skills necessary to organize and manage a law office and learn the basic structure of the court system. As a legal office administrative assistant student you’ll learn to develop the interpersonal skills you'll need to handle legal clients, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to assist an attorney. This will include tasks such as preparing correspondence and legal papers such as summonses, complaints, motions, responses, and subpoenas, which you will be required to do under the supervision of an attorney or paralegal.

Publish date: February 10, 2011