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Unlocking Career Possibilities Have you ever been hopelessly locked out of your car or home? You know how important a locksmith can be. As a locksmith, you might adjust, repair, or install locks, change lock combinations, and make keys. A locksmith may also install and maintain security systems. Some locksmiths are responsible for maintaining and servicing bank equipment. To succeed as a locksmith you should enjoy working independently and with precision. You should also enjoy helping people and solving problems. Locksmith Skill Inventory ? Mechanical and mathematical ability with an understanding of computers ? Good hand-eye coordination to work with small intricate parts ? Good vision and hearing ? Patience and tact when dealing with the public ? Knowledge of electrical and mechanical time locks. Locksmith Duties ? Selling and installing lock systems including keyless entry ? Repairing or replacing defective or damaged components ? Re-keying locks and designing master key systems ? Making keys for locks, in addition to making duplicate keys ? Picking locks on doors and automobiles for clients A locksmith?s training may include classes in safety, stock handling procedures, tools and machinery, keys, hardware, and locks, as well as sales and communication. These skills are re-enforced in on the job training. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook from 2002 to 2012 shows a faster than average job growth for this career. As a Locksmith you may be employed in a locksmithing company, a security company, or you can open your own shop. Traveling may be required to provide services for those who cannot bring the problem to you. Sources: www.tradesecrets.org, www.bls.gov

Publish date: February 10, 2011