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As a manicurist, your main tasks will be to shape, trim, and color fingernails. You might also add nail extensions to beautify and protect a client?s natural fingernails. Other manicurist duties may include adding decorative and interesting touches to the manicure and massaging of hands and/or feet You will be able to express your creativity while making your client feel more confident about the appearance of their hands and fingers. To maintain a steady client base you should develop the following characteristics: ? A well-groomed appearance to instill confidence in your abilities ? A personable nature with good listening skills to make your clients feel at ease ? Knowledge of current laws and standards regarding nail care and hygiene. ? The ability to look for inspiration in art and current fashion trends for your nail designs. Education and Employment According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, all states require most personal appearance workers to obtain a license. To become a manicurist, you may be required to take classes in sterilization, sanitation, artificial nails, and nail art, as well as nail structure, disorders, and diseases. Depending on where you chose to work, business administration and management classes might help to further your career as a manicurist. The amount of class time required to obtain your license may vary by state. As a manicurist you can lease a space or work directly for a salon. With the proper education and inclination you can even open your own manicure shop. Sources: www.bls.gov, www.career.edu

Publish date: February 10, 2011