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Marine Technology

Waterfront recreation has been a mainstay in America for many decades. As current suburban baby boomers transition into retirement, sales in water equipment (sailing vessels, yachts, speedboats) are in expected to increase dramatically. Many water activities that were once considered luxury sports are now becoming quite mainstream. Fortunately for you, as people buy more water equipment, they will need more maintenance and repair. There should be an endless supply of work for qualified technicians.

Like most other industries, waterfront recreation has embraced computer technology, and thus, motor parts are becoming increasingly complicated. At one time, technicians might have gotten away with a basic knowledge of motor parts. However, these days, only well trained technicians can excel in this exciting field. As a result, most companies and aquatic enthusiasts will only hire people who have extensive education in marine and waterfront repair.

Although technology continues to excel at a rapid rate, becoming certified in this field has never been easier. With proper training and certification, you will learn basic in-board gasoline and diesel powered marine engines, as well as electrical, fuel and lubrication systems. You will master skills in basic repair, pricing, dissembling, manufacturing, design, and general maintenance. In addition, you will master the latest computer platforms used by industry professionals. This degree will provide you both with the technical skills and business skills necessary to succeed. So sign up today and take control of your career.

Publish date: February 10, 2011