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Marketing is the skill of finding the needs of potential customers, figuring out how to fill that need, getting the product into the market channels and then knowing how to promote it. Today's marketing and design degree programs train you for a career as part of a creative sales team. You will learn marketing management, and principles, as well as the latest design techniques. A degree in marketing and design offers numerous choices. You may decide to concentrate on the design side of the industry and study graphic arts, digital photography, digital design production, or computer animation techniques. Of course, you'll learn all the basics of design such as fundamental photographic theory and practice, design presentation, story boarding, and basic drawing and sketching. You may decide to focus on web design, fashion design, advertising design, interior design, merchandizing, or packaging design. Each of these areas can add to your expertise as a professional marketing specialist. Your studies will also give you a strong grounding in the very practical sides of marketing such as the selection and purchase of inventory, effective advertising, the psychology and practice of sales, supply chain issues and product distribution, customer relations, customer behavior, and much more. The marketing and design profession is one that is continually growing. In a strong economy there are many products and services to be promoted. When the economy is in a downturn, marketing and design becomes very important as corporations work to stimulate consumers and increase sales.

Publish date: February 10, 2011