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Marriage & Familiy Therapy

Are you the one who everyone turns to for advice? Do your friends come to talk to you when they are having relationship problems? You may be a natural for the marriage and family therapy profession. Of course, having clever insights and giving good advice are not the only things you need to become a marriage and family therapist, but it is an excellent start. Marriage and family therapy is the process of building and repairing relationships between people by listening to and observing the way they interact, and helping them learn new ways. It is a very rewarding profession as you watch people change their lives for the better. You will know that you have had a very important role in improving their futures. In some states, the practice of marriage and family therapy (MFT) is called marriage, family and child counseling (MFCC). The therapists can meet entire families, couples, or individual family members. In most cases, the therapy is based on talking. Individuals often reveal the deepest parts of their problems simply by telling stories about their lives. The marriage and family therapy specialist listens and ask questions in order to uncover the issues that affect the relationship. Students preparing for the MFT or MFCC certification exam study a wide range of subjects including psychology, childhood development, addictions, mental illnesses, and therapist ethics. They may also learn about cultural attitudes, anthropology, and the history of human psychology studies. In addition to the practical observation and patient interaction that are part of most marriage and family therapy school programs, most states require an internship of as many as 2000 hours as part of the licensing procedure.

Publish date: February 10, 2011