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Mechanical engineering is the science of designing, developing, and creating mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers make devices like engines, generators, turbines, refrigerators, elevators, robots for manufacturing, tools, and many other types of mechanical equipment. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest fields of engineering. You can find positions in a wide variety of industries. Job prospects in mechanical engineering There are roughly 215,000 jobs in mechanical engineering in the United States. Opportunities for mechanical engineers are growing because of the advances in biotechnology and nanotechnology, the creation of extremely small devices and systems through manipulation of atoms and molecules. According to the federal government?s most recent study in 2002, mechanical engineers earned median salaries in the low 60s, though those working in fields like architecture, aerospace, and government earned higher salaries on average. How a Mechanical Engineering Degree Can Help Your Career An engineering degree is your best path to a mechanical engineering career. Entry-level jobs in mechanical engineering require a bachelor?s degree, and many higher-paying jobs require advanced degrees. A mechanical engineering degree will open up a wide variety of opportunities for you. Mechanical engineering is the third-largest specialty in engineering (behind civil and electrical engineering), and a mechanical engineering degree is versatile and can be applied to many other specialties within engineering.

Publish date: February 10, 2011