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Media Arts & Animation

Careers in media arts and animation allow you combine your interest in animation and art with computers, film, television, or video games. Workers in this field are on the cutting edge of technology, utilizing their individual artistic skills to help produce visually stunning entertainment and business-related media. You can find many entry-level positions if you have a media arts and animation degree. If you?re considering a career in media arts and animation, you should enjoy drawing, designing, and technology, plus have a desire to create detailed and complex animations. How a media arts and animation degree can help you A degree in media arts and animation will teach you the basics of animating with computers, plus help you sell yourself to prospective employers. Because being able to market yourself to employers is such an important part of the profession, most schools help you develop traditional and digital portfolios, teach you how to work effectively in fast-moving production environments, and show you how to sell yourself to companies. With a media arts and animation degree, you can be an attractive candidate to employers in a variety of fields, including television, video games, computers, the Internet, and film.

Publish date: February 10, 2011