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A career in media production will put you on the inside track to landing your dream job working a variety of positions in television, radio, and the movies. Job Description Media production is the job title for professionals who produce programming in television, radio, and the movies. The process of media production involves a variety of stages from pre- to post-production. From sitcoms to reality shows to the next blockbuster movie, media production professionals have their hands in all forms of entertainment. Positions Available There are a variety of exciting positions you can choose from in media production. Producers and editors are considered part of the media production team. Other positions include casting professionals, who assign various roles to actors, and set and costume designers, who make the actors look their best on the shoot. Responsibilities Your responsibilities will vary widely depending upon which media production position you serve. On the whole, you will be charged with making sure that the production of the programming is completed on schedule. From ensuring the best camera angle, to examining various takes to make sure they are ordered correctly, media production professionals do it all. Education and Training To start your path on the road to a position in media production, you will most likely complete a two or four year program at a local college or university. There will also be an intense on-the-job training period in which you will learn the particulars of your position. Initially, you?ll work as an assistant until you have garnered enough experience to take one of the premiere positions.

Publish date: February 10, 2011