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If you have a talent for helping people work through their differences and reach compromise , then you should consider a lucrative career in mediation and conflict resolution. Job Description Employers of all types and sizes are turning to mediation and conflict resolution experts to ensure a cooperative work place. Your career will have you refereeing various disputes concerning employee differences, compensation issues, and benefits. You will spend most of your days in an office environment meeting with company members of varying ranks. Positions Available The positions available to you in the mediation and conflict resolution are based on your level of experience. You will most likely be an assistant/intern as you begin career. This might consist of training with a certified mediation and conflict resolution professional and learning the tricks of the trade. Once you have the necessary experience, you will be placed in your own position. Responsibilities The field of mediation and conflict resolution will call upon your skills of arbitration and negotiation in order to pacify all parties involved. You must find unique solutions to troublesome issues that, if left unresolved, will cost the company valuable time and resources. If you can accomplish this goal reliably, your chances of success in this field will be high. Education and Training The training for a position in the mediation and conflict resolution field usually starts with a two or four year degree program from an area college or university. You can also gain your credentials through an online degree program. There will likely be a period of on-the- job training as you prepare to resolve cases on your own.

Publish date: February 10, 2011