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Medical Records Specialist

If you are looking for a career in the medical field without the cost and commitment of a doctoral program, you should consider studying to be a medical records specialist. Job Description As a medical records specialist, you will ensure that your practice keeps accurate records of patients. As a medical records specialist, you will work with patients to initiate and update their medical records. Medical records specialists usually work a forty hour work week inside a clean, smoke-free medical office. Positions Available In the medical records field, It?s possible to rise through the ranks to a position as a senior medical records specialist. As with other similar professions, your upward mobility will be based on your level of training and experience. You may also choose to focus on a specialized field of medicine to increase your value to your employer. Responsibilities Keeping medical records is a complex process that requires the employment of certified professionals. Inaccurate coding or patient information entered into records cost doctors and patients thousands of dollars per year in possible payment denials. That is why your responsibilities as a medical records specialist are crucial to the success of the medical practice. Education and Training A medical records specialist usually completes a focused training course in preparation for this career. Your training can come from a variety of institutions; a business or medical college is the usual choice for prospective students. This program is combined with an on the job training period to reinforce concepts and sharpen skills.

Publish date: February 10, 2011