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Learning the art of Microsoft development will give you an impressive set of credentials that you can use to market yourself to a variety of high tech employers. Job Description As a Microsoft development professional, you will be using the Microsoft suite of software solutions to help your employer remain productive and current in the latest technology trends. From planning to execution, you will be the expert in helping users get the most from this program. You will customize Microsoft products to fit the unique needs of your company. Positions Available With your Microsoft development credentials, there are several key positions that you will be qualified to hold. For example, you might find yourself leading a development team of employees. Or perhaps you will be in charge of a database management team that handles the enormous amount of data that the Microsoft applications gather and control. Responsibilities Responsibilities of a Microsoft development professional are dictated by the needs of the employer. Some of the basic duties you will be assigned are maintenance of the computer systems, collection and sorting of critical business data, and repair of system errors. You might also be in charge of training of new employees on the Microsoft systems of your company. Education and Training To be successful as a Microsoft development professional, you will complete a Microsoft certified training program through an accredited business or technical school. You can also complete your program through a distance learning program that will allow you to earn your credentials from the comfort of your own home. In this business, training is the key to success.

Publish date: February 10, 2011