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Microsoft Office Specialist

With the incredible number of businesses that rely on Microsoft Office for their productivity, there are numerous opportunities to become a specialist in this software suite. Job Description A Microsoft Office specialist is an expert in using this revolutionary piece of productivity software. Microsoft Office is a collection of eight major program divisions, each with its own particular use. As a certified Microsoft Office specialist, you will be skilled in combining these divisions to increase the productivity of your business and its employees. Positions Available Because a Microsoft Office specialist is its own position, you will use your experience and knowledge to rise through the ranks of the field. You will start as a level one operator of the system and complete your journey as the head of a technical team. Your level and the speed at which you rise through the ranks will depend upon your experience and expertise. Responsibilities The duties and responsibilities that you can expect as a Microsoft Office specialist include word processing, database management, presentation, and financial manager. Depending upon your particular area of expertise, you may be assigned to one particular area. This mode of specialization will make you an indispensable part of your Microsoft Office management team. Education and Training To begin your path on the road to a career in Microsoft Office, you will want to take classes from a local business or technical school. If you would prefer a distance learning program, there are several online degree programs that you can complete that will make you a specialist in your field.

Publish date: February 10, 2011