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Middle Eastern Studies

Entering a program in Middle Eastern studies can prepare you for business and technology positions that will make the most of your knowledge of international cultures. Job Description A career in Middle Eastern studies can open your horizons up to a variety of key positions. Whether you choose to major in business, finance, culture, or international affairs, your Middle Eastern studies degree will ensure that you are in demand in the discipline you choose. Your skills in cultural diversity will be welcomed in any major business or organization. Positions Available Upon completing your Middle Eastern studies, you will have your pick of interesting positions. You may find yourself working for a consulate, developing and maintaining international relations. Or perhaps you will work for a high class museum, obtaining valuable works of art for display in the United States. You might even find yourself greeting foreign diplomats. Responsibilities Your major responsibilities will include having a through knowledge of Middle Eastern culture in order to bridge the gap between nationalities. You will need excellent communication skills in order to ensure that the dignitaries you interact with enjoy their experience in the United States. Education and Training To enter the world of Middle Eastern studies, you will most likely complete a four year degree program from a major college or university. There will also be a period of international study in which you will visit various countries in the Middle East in order to pick up on specific language and customs that will make you a success in this field.

Publish date: February 10, 2011