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If you have a penchant for technology and an artistic flair, you will do well to earn your credentials in multimedia and graphic design from a reputable college program. Job Description The field of multimedia and graphic design is a highly specialized career path that will exercise and develop your creativity and technical knowledge. Upon earning your credentials, you will use computers to create interactive multimedia presentations that display your graphic design expertise. You may be selling products and services, informing the public, or simply entertaining an audience. Positions Available There are a variety of positions in multimedia and graphic design that you can choose depending on your interests and specific area of expertise. If you enjoy selling, you can use your talents and skills to make a product or service very attractive to your customers. If you enjoy informing the public, your skills may be best used working for non-profit organizations. Responsibilities As a multimedia and graphic design specialist, you will be responsible for reaching the public with your creative and highly technical designs. Software companies frequently employ graphic design specialists to create eye catching applications. You might even find yourself creating the next popular video game that the kids will go crazy over. Education and Training To begin your career as a multimedia and graphic design professional, you should check out the various two and four year programs in local colleges or universities. You will also go through a period of on the job training in which you will develop and refine your skills before you accept a full time position.

Publish date: February 10, 2011