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The field of multimedia is filled with exciting careers that will allow you to develop your skills in multimedia presentation. From computer applications to training, this is a hot career path. Job Description Multimedia careers have become a necessary field of study in the advanced computer and technology age. As an expert in multimedia, you will be responsible for creating interactive connections with your audience for a variety of purposes. You?ll need to be an expert in computers and software applications that are used to create multimedia experiences for your users. Positions Available There are an endless number of positions available in the various multimedia careers. Your positions will depend upon your area of multimedia expertise. For instance, you might be charged with creating a multimedia presentation for members of a premiere business conference. Or maybe you'll be responsible for creating an interactive presentation for a computer software firm. Responsibilities The responsibilities involved in multimedia careers center around technology and the use of computers. Your multimedia presentations will be used to inform the public, to sell products or services, or to entertain. You will also be expected to combine different software programs and make them coexist in your presentations for maximum retention by your target audience. Education and Training Training for multimedia careers involves a series of classes at a reputable technical school or college. You will be expected to work with a variety of applications that will make you a success in your chosen field of multimedia. You can even complete your training through a distance education program.

Publish date: February 10, 2011