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Earn your education credentials in music education and spend your days helping kids appreciate the joy of music in high schools all over the country. Job Description When you complete your degree program in music education, you will be qualified to teach high or grade school students in public or private schools. Your teaching career will give you the opportunity to use your own natural musical talents and abilities to develop the next generations of musicians. There is no telling how many lives you will touch during the course of your career. Positions Available With your music education degree, you will have the opportunity to accept a position at the elementary or high school level. You will also have the choice of a public or private school setting. As your experience and reputation increases, you might find yourself leading a jazz band or managing a marching band. Responsibilities As with all other teaching positions, you will be expected to take attendance, assign projects, and grade your students based on their abilities and effort. You will also be expected to take full advantage of staff development opportunities that will increase your knowledge and teaching effectiveness. As a music educator, you?ll be expected to pass on your passion for music to your students. Education and Training Earning your music education degree involves completing a four year bachelor?s degree program from a college or university. You will take basic education courses as well a music courses that are in your area of specialty. You will also participate in a student teaching period that will prepare you for the rigors of a full time teaching position.

Publish date: February 10, 2011