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NASCAR Technician

Stock car racing is an increasingly popular sport, and if you are interested in getting involved in stock car repair and engineering as a profession, then you should consider NASCAR technician training. NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) specifies the rules and regulations of stock car racing in the US, and also the specifications of the cars that race under their rules. Specialty Training If you want to create a career as a NASCAR technician, you will need to undergo specific training. The basis of this training is very similar to good auto repair technician training. You will study the construction and repair of engines, brakes, electric and electronic systems, power systems and suspension systems. You will learn the manual skills you need to repair cars, and how to use diagnostic equipment. However, NASCAR technicians have to deal with stock cars that are built and run to a far higher specification than normal cars. You will need to know about the specialist body and chassis design, construction and repair, studying aero applications and dyno testing for performance and durability. You will also have to be totally familiar with the NASCAR rules and regulations on car specifications, and what repairs and alterations are permissible to keep within these rules. Gaining a position as a NASCAR technician means that you will work as a member of a team whose aim is to be better than other competing teams in stock car racing. You will find that once you are accepted into employment, you?ll have stable and pleasant working conditions while working in a high profile sport with people who excel at their job.

Publish date: February 10, 2011