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Negotiation & Conflict Management

If you are working in management and you are involved with committees, boards, unions, or clients, then you will find that studying negotiation and conflict management can help you in your work. These two subjects go together, although you will probably study negotiation and its constituent parts before you study conflict management. Negotiation courses usually deal with principled negotiations - that is negotiations that are based on a mutually beneficial ethical background, and give you help to work out guidelines to deal with difficult negotiating partners. Conflict management courses allow you to work out strategies to deal with conflict, and to help construct damage limitation tactics to be used in the event of conflict. Aimed at Senior Management. Most senior management will meet situations where negotiations are necessary, and where conflict is unavoidable at times. There many MBA programs that offer negotiation and conflict management courses. There are even MBA?s offered at some institutions that are aimed at senior management members specializing in negotiation and conflict management. Studying negotiation and conflict management allows you to consider both strategies and tactics to be used in situations that are emotional in nature, and that you therefore need to be prepared for. This area of leadership is one that has to be carefully managed, and a large part of your preparation could be to study negotiation and conflict management.

Publish date: February 10, 2011