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Office Management

In order to operate efficiently, all organizations need timely and effective office and clerical support. Taking a degree in office administration or a related subject will give you the credentials you need to take on this role.

As a qualified office or clerical worker you can guarantee that there will be demand for your skills. You could gain a qualification or experience that is specifically relevant to a certain industry but your basic skills will allow you to work in any office environment. That means that you will be less likely to be effected by an economic downturn that has an impact on some parts of the job market but not all. The largest numbers of clerical staff are employed in organizations such as banks, wholesalers, government agencies, retail establishments, business service firms, healthcare facilities, schools, and insurance companies, which all need a large administrative support workforce.

Your role as an office or clerical worker will depend upon the size of the office and the industry that it is part of. The basic kind of work will be the same, however. You will be responsible for administrative work such as typing, creating and maintaining paper and electronic files, sending faxes, ordering office supplies, keeping records of meetings and appointments and so on. At a more senior level, you may be responsible for supervising the work of others and managing small projects and workloads for others.

Your degree will give you the clerical, administrative and software skills you’ll need to carry out this role within any office. You will also need to have good organizational and interpersonal skills to succeed in this kind of work.

Publish date: February 10, 2011