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Working in operations / supply chain management means that you will be working to solve the day to day problems of demand management, supply management, and production planning and control. This demanding job, however, can be satisfying and very rewarding when you are skilled and prepared to meet its challenges. In order to prepare yourself for this demanding job, you will need to gain the skills to be able to conduct effective operations / supply chain management. These skills include knowledge of incoming and outgoing supply chains, the tools and techniques that support demand management, production planning, materials management, and control and distribution. Graduate Qualifications To learn these and other management disciplines, you need to consider operations / supply management training. Many managers study for an MBA with operations / supply management specialties, giving them the mix of management education that allows them to understand and work with all parts of the organization they are managing. An MBA also allows you to increase your career prospects, and to strengthen your professional resume. Master?s degrees specializing in operations / supply management are also offered by some academic institutions. Other training possibilities include institute qualifications such as those offered by the Institute of Operations Managers. These can be particularly useful as the basis of a program of continuing education, giving you the opportunity to keep up to date with new methods and thinking in operations / supply management, as well as progressing your career opportunities.

Publish date: February 10, 2011