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  • Human Services
    Whether you're a HR professional seeking to validate the skills and knowledge acquired through years of practical experience[more]
  • Humane & Environmental Studies
    The environmental movement started in the early 1960s in the US, and over the last 40 years has become a[more]
  • Humanities
    The humanities are a collection of subjects that provide the background to much of our studies today. The content[more]
  • HVAC
    We all have needed some type of repair work on the climate or ventilation control of our home[more]
  • Illustration
    Creative people who like to draw can have a successful and rewarding career in illustration. Illustrators are part[more]
  • Industrial Design
    Industrial Design is the process of conceptualizing, designing and developing specifications that produce the optimum appearance and function[more]
  • Industrial Management
    Internal industrial management involves the management of people and the management of machines. Efficient manufacturing means that the process[more]
  • Information Security
    Today, organisations have a total dependence on their information systems to be able to operate, and information security is one[more]
  • Information Systems Mgmt
    Information systems have become the life blood of most organisations, and as there is increasing formalisation and computerisation of information[more]
  • Instructional Media Design
    A career in instructional media design will allow you to use your artistic skills and your knowledge o f technology[more]
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