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Parish Nursing

The idea of parish nursing is drawn from the religious tradition of offering help and care for both body and soul. Although this is essentially a healthcare job, there is also a recognized element of offering spiritual support as well as physical and emotional help. The parish nurse takes a holistic view of their patient and the home situation that they live in. Ministry for the Whole Person Parish nursing professionals visit patients in their home, giving nursing care to people who need some professional medical help. They may also organize healthcare education in the church they are affiliated with. They are qualified nurses, and their services are a part of the professional healthcare industry. However, they are usually committed to the spiritual health of their patients, and they work within the framework of the Judeo-Christian tradition and share, with other religious faiths, the principles of care for self and others that forms an expression of God's love. If you are interested in the idea of parish nursing, you need to be qualified as a nurse. Registered nurses need a two year or a four year degree in nursing, and to be registered in the state in which they practice. Some specialty nurses also hold graduate qualifications. There are some qualifying nursing programs that offer parish nursing, including many of the elements of the religious ministry as well as the nursing care that parish nursing needs. If you are a qualified nurse you can take parish nursing courses that will add the religious ministry elements to your present nursing skills. You will learn how to include the spiritual elements of nursing in your healthcare duties. Many different denominations offer parish nursing courses, so you will be able to find parish nursing programs that allow you to become a part of the ministry of your personal beliefs.

Publish date: February 10, 2011