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Payroll Administrator

There are many job opportunities that you can take advantage of if you are a trained and experienced payroll administrator. Many large companies - and some smaller ones - have specialist payroll administrators to make sure their important payroll function runs smoothly. Extensive Duties As a payroll administrator, your duties will include processing the monthly payroll, expenses, and salary advances for the company. You will have to make sure that all inputs have been received and processed appropriately. You will be responsible for adding new members of staff to the payroll, and for removing staff who are leaving the company from the payroll and producing the correct documentation. You will also be responsible for administering the payroll deductions and calculations for health insurance, pension and other staff benefits. You will need to train for this responsible position. There are courses run by software companies that produce payroll and other financial software, or your company may decide that you need more generic training, looking at the structure and purpose of the payroll function. Your training will help you to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to fulfil this position well. You will be involved in liaison between the financial and the human resources functions of your company and you will need to take on a coordinating role in order to make sure that the needs of both these departments are met. Your job as a payroll administrator affects everyone in the company, so your abilities are key to the successful running of the whole organization.

Publish date: February 10, 2011