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If you have a career background in the catering industry, or you have a particular passion for cooking, you may find that becoming a personal chef is the right career move for you. This is a relatively new career category, only becoming recognized in the 1990s and early 2000s, but the demand for personal chefs has caused this to become a popular career area. Working in Client's Kitchens Personal chefs work with individual clients to give them personal chef services in their own homes. A personal chef will work out a set of menus with a client, and then do the shopping and cooking necessary to produce the meals agreed on. These will then usually be frozen so that the client can use them as needed. Personal chefs usually work in the client's own kitchen. Many busy professional people find this service very useful, making sure that they have good and appetizing food without having to sacrifice valuable free time. If you are interested in becoming a personal chef, you may wish to study for certification as a personal chef. There are several different institutes and vocational schools that offer certification. You will find that you not only study the art of cookery and all the useful skills that you need to provide this service, you will also get help to build up your business skills. Career prospects are good, as more people have more disposable income, and do not necessarily wish to dine out every night. You can start to build up a list of clients that you do regular work for, and build a reputation as an excellent personal chef.

Publish date: February 10, 2011