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Personal Support Worker

Personal support workers help people who are incapacitated to lead a normal and dignified life. A personal support worker will work for one person, helping them to do the everyday tasks that can be so difficult to do, and allowing them, if possible, to live independent lives. Certified Training If you want to become a personal support worker, you will need to attend a training course that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to help your clients and to be able to make their lives easier. You will also learn about helping people to retain their independence and self respect in situations where it is easy to loose confidence and dignity. You can gain certification, giving you qualifications that are recognized by potential employers, clients and other healthcare workers. You will find that your capabilities will be understood and used in a professional capacity. You will spend your working day with your client, helping them to wake, dress, wash, and look after their personal hygiene. You may find that if they are not capable of cooking, you will have to prepare their food, do their shopping, and help them eat their meals. You will supervise the exercise programs and physical therapy of your client. You will need to communicate effectively with your client?s friends and loved ones, and help them to live a full and satisfying day to day life. You may work in your client's home, helping them to remain as independent as possible, or you may work in a nursing or care home. Being a personal support worker is a satisfying job where you can really make a difference in the life of someone.

Publish date: February 10, 2011