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Pharmacy Technician

Are you an alert, organized, responsible person with good interpersonal skills, then why not consider becoming a pharmacy technician? An added bonus is that job opportunities are expected to rise for full and part time pharmacy technicians with formal training, due to the expansion of retail pharmacies and the increasing numbers of elderly people who have greater pharmaceutical needs.

Pharmacy technicians primarily help licensed pharmacists to provide medication and healthcare products to patients. Pharmacy technicians also tend to work similar hours and shifts to ensure hospitals and other pharmaceutical outlets are covered 24 hours a day. Although some technicians receive on the job training, it is a real advantage to have studied a formal pharmacy technician program, which provide classroom and laboratory work in subjects such as pharmaceutical terminology, pharmaceutical calculations and techniques, pharmacy law, ethics and recordkeeping. Internships feature in many pharmacy technician training programs, allowing students to gain valuable hands-on experience in pharmacies. Depending on the program, taken students will receive a certificate, a diploma or an associate degree.

To be a successful pharmacy technician you need to have good teamwork skills to work with patients, healthcare professionals and other technicians. Because of the increase in retail pharmacies and other employment settings, pharmacy technicians now take on the responsibility of routine tasks formerly undertaken by pharmacists and this makes the job more interesting. The ever expanding healthcare industry makes this an ideal time to enroll in a pharmacy technician program.

Publish date: February 10, 2011