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Studying philosophy is a recognized way of learning the discipline of thought in a logical and rational fashion. The western philosophical traditions emphasize the application of logic to the human condition. Students of philosophy receive rigorous intellectual training. Academic and Non-Academic Careers For many people, studying philosophy is the way into an academic career, and certainly if you do well studying your first degree in philosophy, you are likely to do well in your graduate training. Not every student of philosophy wants to pursue an academic career. Forty percent of graduate careers advertised do not require a specific degree. Therefore, your degree in philosophy will be seen as having provided you with transferable skills that you can bring to bear on your future career. Typically, you may find yourself working in the law, in government, charities, financial institutions, publishing and the media. However, many commercial organizations also recognize the value of training in intellectual rigor and in logical though. From this standpoint, your philosophy education will be valuable in a variety of fields. Philosophy is the basis of most of our intellectual systems, so studying philosophy gives you the skills to be able to manage these systems. You will find that you can choose the career that suits you best, and use the skills that you have developed through your degree.

Publish date: February 10, 2011