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There were those who predicted that all the advances in technology would cause the art of photography to disappear. As it turns out, the opposite is true. New technological developments have made a career in photography more exciting now than at any previous time in history. A degree in photography will put you into a career that is growing faster now than it has at any time since picture taking was invented.

With a degree in photography, you’ll learn traditional techniques for using silver nitrate-based film in standard cameras as well as the latest digital, computer-based photography. You’ll study the principles of composition, portraiture and action photography. Your photography degree training will show you how to frame a scene and how to capture a moment. In addition, you can study darkroom techniques and photographic print making.A degree in photography can lead to a variety of career choices. Many film-makers and videographers started out working with still cameras and then applied the skills to the moving visual forms.

Still photographers have the opportunity to become photojournalists and news photographers, fashion photographers, portrait photographers, police photographers and photographic visual artists. Today’s museums often have major shows or even devote whole sections to the work of photo artists. Magazines and newspapers could hardly exist without the work of trained photographers. Skilled photographers are the very foundation of the advertising world. Earn your degree in photography and you will be able to follow any one of those exciting career tracks.

Publish date: February 10, 2011