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Working in photojournalism requires artistic talents, and increasingly today, technical abilities. Photojournalists tell stories in pictures, which means that they have to be able to use the technology to take good photographs in many different situations. Telling the Story In fact photojournalism covers many different kinds of journalism, including celebrity photographs, war photographs, current affairs, and political photojournalism. Many photojournalists specialize in particular areas, and each area tends to have different photographic and technical requirements. If you specialize in portraiture, you can afford to take slow exposures, find a variety of different settings, and take technically perfect photographs every time. If you are in a war situation, it is much more important that you capture an image that contains the emotional and physical essence of the event. There are many schools of photojournalism where you can study all the aspects of your future career, learning how to tell a story with pictures as well as how to take a technically good photograph. Photojournalism programs will give you the technical background to be able to do good camera work and edit your pictures, as well as teaching you the principles of journalism. Many photojournalists work with new technology, and digital cameras in particular have both changed the way that photographs are taken and edited, and also how quickly the photographs can be published, and where. Today photojournalism is prevalent on the Internet as well as in the more traditional media of newspapers and television.

Publish date: February 10, 2011