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Physical education is a part of the syllabus for elementary and secondary education. Students need to be physically healthy in order to be able to learn well, and to be a complete and balanced person. Many people learn the basis of the sports that form their life-long interest at school, and physical education teachers are the people who teach them the basic skills they will use for most sport and recreation. Teaching and Other Careers If you have an interest in physical education, you should consider becoming a P.E. teacher. You will study the art and science of human movement, motor learning, physiology and psychology, teaching and motivating students, and communications skills. Most students who study physical education choose elementary or secondary education as their major. By following one of these courses of study, you?ll certified to teach physical education in kindergarten through 12th grade. You could choose to go into personal training or sports coaching rather than being a teacher. If you want to study further at graduate level, you could work in sports business administration. Your physical education degree opens many possibilities in the sports and commercial gym fields. For many people who really enjoy physical activities and are talented at coaching and communications, a physical education degree gives them the opportunity to create a career in a field that they enjoy.

Publish date: February 10, 2011