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Police Foundations

If you are interested in issues such as conflict resolution, criminal proceedings, and community policing principles, then you should consider entering the occupation of police foundations. As a police foundations worker, people in the community will depend on you to protect their lives and property. About the Job People who work in police foundations have many responsibilities and duties, including maintaining regular patrols and responding to calls for service. They also may perform tasks like directing traffic, investigating crimes, or giving first aid to an accident victim. During a typical shift, police foundations professionals may identify, pursue, and arrest suspected criminals, resolve problems within the community, as well as enforce traffic laws. Within this occupation, you may want to specialize in a field such as chemical and microscopic analysis, training and firearms instruction, or handwriting and fingerprint identification. You would also have opportunities to work in places such as jails or courts. Most of these workers drive regular police cars. However, some work with special units such as horseback, bicycle, motorcycle, canine corps, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), or even emergency response teams. Possible Careers Possible job opportunities in the police foundations field include employment with police services, other law enforcement agencies, federal ministries, military police, customs and excise, federal and state correctional institutions, or with other security groups. Education In order to work in the police foundations field, you will receive higher pay and increase your chances of being hired if you obtain at least a bachelor's degree in a field such as criminal justice. A formal education will also be required in order to become promoted to higher ranking jobs in this career.

Publish date: February 10, 2011