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Postsecondary Teaching

Postsecondary Teaching If you are interested in teaching adults, you should consider a career in postsecondary teaching and obtain your education degree. As a postsecondary teacher, you will instruct your students beyond the high school level. You could become a college or university faculty member, postsecondary career and technical education teacher, and/or graduate teaching assistant. In the field of postsecondary teaching, you may choose to teach and advise college students. In this situation, you might give lectures to several hundred students at once, lead small seminars, or supervise students in laboratories. These teachers prepare their lectures, grade their students' exams and papers, as well as advise and work with their students individually. As a faculty member at a college or university, you may be required to conduct specific research, which will consume a large portion of your time. If you become a postsecondary teaching assistant, you would have many duties such as assisting faculty, department chairs, or other professional staff members at colleges and universities by performing teaching or related duties. Required Education The education and training that is required for those who work in the postsecondary teaching field varies depending on the subject taught and the employer. However, all job positions in this field require at least a bachelor's degree in education. In order to become employed at a four-year college or university, you would most likely need a doctoral degree. In order to be able to teach at a two-year college, you would need to have a master's degree. If you become interested in being promoted to higher ranking positions such as departmental chairperson, dean, or president, you would need a doctoral degree.

Publish date: February 10, 2011