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Public Relations is all about communication. The public relations function takes many forms in different organizations, including public information, investor relations, public affairs, corporate communications, employee relations, marketing or product publicity, and consumer service or customer relations.

This is a challenging, interesting career and offers the possibility of an excellent salary, with the right progression. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people in public relations has been estimated to be as high as 98,000, more than half of that number being women. College graduates with related experience; a high level of creativity, and strong oral and verbal communication skills should have the best job opportunities. A sound, clear style of writing is also must, along with a good level of organization.

A career in communications and public relations requires a degree and familiarity with a wide variety of topics, so a broad education is the best preparation. Any major that teaches you how to read and write intelligently will lay good foundation for a career in public relations. If you are an existing P.R. professional with a liberal arts degree, you may want to further your career with on online master’s program specializing in communications.

Most dedicated public relations programs are administered by journalism or mass communications schools or departments and cover areas relevant to the media, communications and information industries in a critical context. Just as in the job itself, there should be an emphasis on creativity, problem solving and the ethical social, cultural and economic environment in which industries and professions operate. These skills, along with the drive and personality, make this one of the most lucrative careers around.

Publish date: February 10, 2011