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If you are interested in the minds of people and their behaviors, you should consider working in the psychology field. These professionals investigate the physical, cognitive, emotional, or social aspects of human behavior. They also may provide mental health care for patients in hospitals, clinics, schools, or private settings. A Career in Psychology The professionals in the psychology field formulate different hypotheses and collect information to test their accuracy and validity. Psychologists work with many different fields such as health and human services, management, education, law, and sports. These professionals specialize in specific areas and earn titles such as clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, school psychologist, industrial-organizational psychologist, developmental psychologist, social psychologist, and experimental or research psychologist. Depending on which subfield of psychology you work in, your place of employment can either be in a private practice with your own office or it could be in a clinic or other health facility. Required Education In order to be employed as an independent licensed clinical or counseling psychologist, a doctoral degree is usually required by employers. With a Ph.D., you could qualify for a wide range of teaching, research, clinical, and counseling positions in places such as universities, healthcare services, elementary, middle, and secondary schools, private industry, and government. However, if you obtain a master's degree in psychology, you will be able to work as an industrial-organizational psychologist or school psychologist. A bachelor's degree in psychology will qualify you to assist psychologists and other professionals in community mental health centers, vocational rehabilitation offices, and correctional programs. You may also be able to work as a research or administrative assistant or become a sales or management trainee in business.

Publish date: February 10, 2011