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Public health issues have become increasingly important with our growing population. Although new treatments and cures are being discovered, preventing disease has become a main concern in public health policy. Because of this focus, there are many emerging opportunities. Scientists, doctors, social workers, administrators, and educators work together to improve public health through programs, research, and education.

Public Health Explained
Public health encompasses a variety of careers, but they all have a single goal: to improve general public health. Cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and other health problems continue to have a large effect on our society. Becoming a public health specialist will enable you to help people with these and similar problems. Not only will you be securing your future in a growing career field, but you will be helping society?s well-being.

Education in Public Health
A health education degree could be very valuable as prevention and education becomes increasingly important for public health. In an expanding field, administrators and managers will also become increasingly important. Getting a degree in health administration will prepare you for a variety of jobs in the public health sector. Becoming a researcher, scientist, or doctor, however, might take a bit more education. Usually, a job in this position would require at least a bachelor?s degree. A master?s degree or higher could greatly increase your potential. A social worker or educator might find a support position with an associate?s degree, but a bachelor?s degree would open more doors in the public health field.

Public Health Requirements
Just as the career possibilities vary greatly, your specific education will also, depending on the path you choose. Generally, public health education will require general medical training, such as anatomy, biology, and chemistry. More specialized training might include public education, social work, management and business administration as well as advanced medical and research training.

Publish date: February 10, 2011