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Quality Assurance Management

When you buy goods and services, are you focused on quality? Industries and businesses are constantly trying to maintain and increase the level of quality in their products because people simply buy products of higher quality. Quality assurance managers are in charge of ensuring quality within their organization. They might analyze products and production facilities in any number of ways, collect data, and create reports. Although careers in the field can vary greatly, those working in the quality assurance management field strive to increase the quality of products, improve production methods, and create safe working environments for employees.

Quality Assurance Management Explained
As a quality assurance manager, you might inspect any kind of product, from clothing, to tractors, to paper production. Quality assurance managers might test food or drug samples, examine production machinery, work with personnel, or inspect the incoming raw materials that go into these products. You might work for a single company, or you might be employed by a private firm or insurance company. There is even the possibility of becoming a private contractor. The varied possibilities are why many people become attracted to the field.

Education in Quality Assurance Management
Typically, becoming a quality assurance manager requires a degree of one or two years. Many colleges have industrial engineering or quality control technology degree programs available. You also have the option of becoming certified in industrial engineering technology or a related field through certain programs, such as engineering associations.

Quality Assurance Management Requirements
The nature of the work requires the use of statistical and engineering methods, so you should be comfortable with your mathematical skills. Also, you should have strong communication and teamwork skills because you will be constantly working with other people. Quality assurance managers not only have to analyze production and product, but must also create reports and present them to a company.

Publish date: February 10, 2011