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Quality Control

Quality control has become increasingly important for many companies. As production processes progress, the old conflict between quality and quantity comes to mind. In order to attract consumers, companies have to increase the level of quality in their products. Quality control technicians are in charge of this part of the process. Depending on the type of product, they might analyze it in any number of ways and in any stage of production. In food or drug production, for example, they might actually taste products, inspect the incoming raw food or material, or inspect the production equipment.

Quality Control Explained
Quality control technicians can be found in virtually every industry. From working in an automotive factory to a milk packaging plant, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Quality control technicians also have the option of working for a company exclusively, or finding employment with a private firm, insurance company, or even the government. This variety attracts many people to the profession as advancements are abundant. America?s desire for high quality products should also keep opportunities plentiful.

Education and Requirements in Quality Control
Becoming a quality control technician is sometimes possible with on-the-job training. A degree or certification however, could grant you a higher paying job and a greater number of jobs to choose from. A degree in industrial engineering or quality control technology is becoming increasingly common as the desire for high quality products increases. General certifications are available through some organizations, such as associations of engineering. Required certifications for certain quality control jobs will usually be available through your employer.

Publish date: February 10, 2011