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The medical industry is growing rapidly. The average age of the population is increasing and people will continue to need quality medical care. To determine what problems are ailing their patients, doctors continue to turn to X-rays. Radiographers, also known as radiographic technicians, are responsible for creating a clear and accurate image depending on the doctor?s needs.

What?s Involved?
As a radiographer, you would most likely be employed by a hospital. A greater number of radiographers are being employed by private physicians? and dentists? offices. You would be responsible for preparing the patient for the X-ray and perhaps administering a solution for the patient to drink that will contrast on the film. You would be in charge of maintaining equipment also. With additional certifications, you might be responsible for MRI and CT scanning.

Is It You?
If you like technology and want to help people, you should consider becoming a radiographer. You will have to work with the public, so you should have good social skills and be able to make your patient feel comfortable. You should be comfortable following orders because you will need to follow directions from physicians. You?ll be responsible for following strict guidelines as well.

Becoming a Radiographer:
You will need to complete at least a two or perhaps even a four-year college degree program to become a radiographer. Two year long radiographic certification programs are the most prevalent and are what is usually required for employment. Associate?s and bachelor?s degree programs in radiography are also available and could get you a higher paying job. There are also year long certification programs in CT scanning, MRI, and others that could further your career potential.

Publish date: February 10, 2011