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Rehab Technician

Do you like to help others? Are you interested in the medical field, but don?t know if you can devote so much of your time and money to school? Perhaps you should consider becoming a rehab technician. Rehab technicians help people recover from traumatic injuries or illnesses, psychiatric trauma, or drug and alcohol addictions. Rehabilitation technicians work under the supervision of doctors, physical therapists, psychiatrists or counselors to help people recover from various major ailments.

Rehab Technician Duties
Mastering medical terminology, taking vital signs, charting results, and phlebotomy are all required skills to work as a rehab technician. Other potential tasks would include rehab therapy, conducting therapeutic exercises, assisting in general hygiene and nutrition duties, ultrasound, and clerical duties. Just as the nature of the work can vary greatly, the setting can vary as well. Most likely you will be employed in a hospital or clinic, but working in a home setting is also a possibility.

Rehab Technician Education and Training
Because you would be working in the medical field as a rehab technician, you will need specialized education and training. Learning medical procedures and guidelines is a must. Many rehab technician programs exist at community colleges and vocational schools that usually take one or two years to complete. These programs could grant you an associate?s degree or certificate, depending on the program you choose. Online education is another possibility. Several online rehab technician programs exist and these can be completed at your own pace. In some states, you will also have to take a licensure examination upon completion of your degree.

Publish date: February 10, 2011