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Resident Care Aide

Do you have a strong desire to help others and enjoy the comfort of a personal setting? Elderly, disabled, and people living with a variety of ailments are sometimes unable to care for themselves and require assistance from a resident care aide. With the growing number of elderly people in our population, resident care aides are in growing demand. As a resident care aide, you would take care of someone in their own home with tasks like hygiene and nutritional care, psychological support, and other general household duties, including cleaning, paying bills, or buying food and supplies. You might also be an advisor or liaison for that person?s family or doctors, advising them of your patient?s condition.

Resident Care Aide Requirements
Because resident care aides most often work for agencies who handle multiple clients, you would most likely work with therapists, nurses and other healthcare professionals. In many cases, you will also be working with social workers, who supervise certain cases and assign tasks and duties you will have to perform. You might work with a single patient for a long period of time, but most likely you will have several patients to visit every day.

Resident Care Aide Training and Education
If you are a friendly person with a strong desire to help others, you should consider becoming a resident care aide. In some cases, no formal education is required. Your employer would provide you with the necessary training. However, becoming certified as a resident care aide shows that you are dedicated and well versed in industry standards and certification could grant you a higher wage and better benefits.

Publish date: February 10, 2011