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For some people, shopping is an errand and a chore. But for many people, shopping is an actual hobby. They get dressed up, they get ready, and they ?go shopping." Successful stores know this, which is why they invest so much money into enhancing an enriching the shopping experience. Retail merchandising/management is a field that is quickly blossoming thanks to increased consumption, higher incomes, and globalization.

What is retail merchandising/management?
A store is like any other business. There are coworkers, supplies, inventory, bills, utilities, and many other factors that all come together towards one common goal: maximizing profits. As a retail merchandising manager, your job is to make sure that your store runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. This involves hiring the most qualified clerks available. It involves making sure that the merchandise and displays are positioned optimally. Merchandising managers need both a creative side and analytical-business side. For this reason, many aspiring managers seek formal training before looking for work.

Retail merchandising/management formal training
As with any job, continued education will vastly improve your employability and productivity. This is certainly the case in the retail world where competition from other stores is pretty ferocious. Fortunately, there are many programs out there to help you gather the requisite skills you need for this job. Take business courses in order to sharpen your bookkeeping and financial management skills. Take design courses to help you produce more effective floor plans and window displays. Or you can take advertising classes to help you market your wares to the neighborhood. By pursuing any or all of the above classes, you'll become a much more capable manager.

Publish date: February 10, 2011