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Scoping Technology

If you have ever watched Perry Mason or Law & Order, you have seen court reporters dutifully typing away; documenting everything that is said and done in the courtroom. Even the best stenographer makes mistakes every now and then. English, after all, has so many homonyms (here, hear... ice cream, I scream), that it is very difficult to create an error free first draft. That is why scoping technology has become so important in the legal world.

What exactly is scoping technology?
As scoping technology expert, your jobs is to assist court reporters and transcript experts with editing legal briefs, court proceedings, and other official documentation. Essentially, your job is to edit and correct transcripts. This includes correcting spelling, inserting punctuation, and verifying accuracy. Recently, computer aided transcription (CAT) has vastly improves how quickly scoping specialists can conduct their work. Sometimes, you do your edits in real-time as the stenographer sends you text. In other cases, you receive an electronic file via e-mail or disk after the fact. In either event, you must work quickly and accurately since there is usually a lot of text.

Schooling is essential
Just as court reporters and stenographers must complete formal training, you'll need to attend a scoping technology program if you want to work in this field. Fortunately, the volume of legal material, court cases, and official documentation is expanding rapidly. For better or for worse, people love to argue and litigate. Thus, it is doubtful that you will ever suffer from lack of work. If you possess the requisite skills, expect to be busy for a long time.

Publish date: February 10, 2011